KŌKAI by Kaiyō Whisky - Bespoke Packaging
KŌKAI is Kaiyō Whisky's entry to the premium spirits category. The boutique Japanese distillery is regarded for their aging process. Their whisky is aged on the ocean in hand-crafted Mizunara oak barrels. 

The name KŌKAI is derived from the Japanese 航海, meaning voyage. This up-market whisky is aged in small batches on specific ocean voyages, noted by origin and destination coordinates as well as edition numbering on each bottle. 

This bespoke packaging design utilizes textured glass inspired by the turbulence of Kaiyō's ocean-aging process. The label and outer monolith utilize the remnants of the Mizunara oak barrels, which can only be used to age one batch of whisky.
Kaiyō Whisky

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